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Futbol Freek was designed to enhance grip and control in football games like EA’s FIFA series but can be used in a multitude of games including first and third-person shooters. It adds only 6.1mm of height to your OEM sticks.

Futbol Freek’s design was inspired by the classic 32-panel ball. The grooved, concaved thumb pad cups the thumb, ensuring grip and control during intense matches.

When attached, the 6.1mm of height added by Futbol Freek delivers better accuracy and control without sacrificing agility. It creates a nearly seamless feel for those looking for enhanced play but prefer less adjustment time. Futbol Freek is great for younger gamers with smaller hands or anyone else looking to scissor through opposing defenses without losing grip.


  • More precise shots, passes and overall movement
  • Concaved surface for more comfort and grip
  • Perfect for young gamers with smaller hands
  • Negligible height increase for little-to-no adjustment period


  • FIFA 16
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Madden 17
  • Smite
  • Destiny

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